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Why Mail1.com?

Mail1.com uses Google Apps to provide any organization with the world's best email and collaboration services.

With Mail1.com, you will never worry about servers, IT support or reliability, and your organization gets a very professional appearance with your own domain and logo.
Included administration and support
DNS admin -- We have our own DNS (Domain Name System) servers, allowing us to easily set up all the records, sub-domains and pointers needed to use your domain for email addresses and unlimited web addresses for sites and services.  You can keep your domain name registered where it is, or if you don't have one yet, we can register one for you free.  If you prefer to use any other DNS service or admin, we'll support you with clear instructions for adding records and pointers.
Google Apps admin -- Unlimited support for setting up users, email addresses, mail lists, nicknames, web addresses, etc. is included and available on request by email or phone.
Web services admin -- We can help you make use of the powerful collaboration and publication features in Google Sites and Google Docs.  You can share files, documents, publish blogs and more online with complete control over who can access.  We can even create and maintain your company's public website.
Policy management and recovery admin -- Premier edition customers have security and compliance services available.  This allows us to set company-wide filters and to recover messages from archive.

Tech support -- Personal support for users by email, phone, and remote sessions is included. 
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