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Why Google Apps?

Google Apps is Gmail and More...  Made for Your Business. 

Google Apps lets your organization have Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and much more under your own domain and logo.  Your business gets fast and reliable email and and collaboration -- no servers or IT support needed.
Communicate and connect.
Gmail Gmail -- Use your own domain and logo on the most powerful email system in the world.  Each mailbox gets features massive storage, incredible search tools, and the best spam and virus control available. Learn more
Google Calendar Google Calendar -- Your users can organize their schedules and share events, meetings and entire calendars with others. Your organization can also publish calendars and events on the web. Learn more
Google Talk Google Talk -- Your users can call or send instant messages, even video chat, to their contacts for free -- anytime, anywhere in the world. File sharing and voicemail is included, too. Learn more

Collaborate and publish.
Google Docs and Spreadsheets Google Docs -- Co-workers can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations and share online files without having to keep track of multiple versions of the same attachment. Learn more
Google Sites Google Sites -- Work together to keep related documents, web content and other information in one place, on one site. Learn more

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