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VersaMail (Palm OS Treo & Centro)

Google Apps/Gmail does not officially support VersaMail, which is the built-in email program in Palm OS devices such as Treo and Centro.  However it will work on newer versions of VersaMail, 4.01 and above, which is on the latest Treo 755p and Centro phones. 
Please note -- in addition to IMAP access shown below, you can use Gmail on any Treo or Centro with POP3 or access Gmail using the Palm's Web program by going to your company's Gmail login address like http://mail.yourcompany.com.
First Enable IMAP in Gmail 
Then open the Email program on theTreo or Centro.  In the Menu, select Accounts and then Account Setup. the click on New.  For there here are the parameters:
-Account name = Whatever you want to put in there (can be Gmail)
-Email address = your email address
-Password = *************
Then click Next to go to next screen
-Mail type = IMAP
-User name = your email address
-Incoming mail server = imap.gmail.com
-Outgoing mail server = smtp.gmail.com

Click Advanced to go to next screen
-Incoming server setting
**Port number = 993
**Make sure the box on "USE SECURE CONNECTION (SSL)" is CHECK

Click next to go to next screen
-Outgoing server setting
**Port number = 25
**Use secure connection (SSL) is check
**Use Authentication (ESMTP) is check
**Username = your email address
**Password = your password
Click DONE to finish set up.